Hello. My name is Brent. I am a writer. I am from Georgia.

Lewis Grizzard was also a writer from Georgia and an unabashed Georgia Bulldogs fan, like me. He was funny, he was brilliant, and he has been a hero of mine for years now. I really admire him for his wit and talent, and I want to be like him. There are a lot of parallels in our two lives. The title of this blog is sort of a misnomer — I don’t consider myself to be “the next Lewis Grizzard” or someone of equal or greater talent as Lewis Grizzard. He’s just someone I just constantly strive to try to be like, and the title is a reminder to myself to work tirelessly towards that goal. And no, I’ll never been the next Lewis Grizzard. There will never be another Lewis Grizzard, because there can only be one Lewis Grizzard. However, I can only hope that R. Brent Adams would someday be in the same vein as him. And I’ll stop at nothing to accomplish that goal.

If you need me, please contact me or e-mail me at Brent@RBrentAdams.com.

And it just dawned on me that after about years of this website, I’ve yet to upload a picture of myself.

This is what I look(ed) like:


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